Davide Monteleone

4th Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award

August 30 – September 28, 2014
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Davide Monteleone

Photo: Security forces attending the celebration for the 10th anniversary of the Constitution Day. Grozny, March 23rd 2013.
©Davide Monteleone/VII Photo for Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award.

Davide Monteleone

Photo: Davide Monteleone, Spasibo, Republic of Chechnya, Russia, 03/2013, View of the Chechen-Caucasian mountains from the high peak of the Kharachoi village.
©Davide Monteleone/VII Photo for Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award.

Davide Monteleone

Photo: Davide Monteleone, Spasibo, Republic of Chechnya, Russia, 03/2013, Rada, 14 years old is trying a wedding dress designed by her sister, inside a bus.
©Davide Monteleone/VII Photo for Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award.

“Spasibo” (“Thank you”) is a photojournalistic essay about Chechnya by Italian photographer Davide Monteleone (*1974). As the winner of the 4th Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award, the Italian photographer Davide Monteleone was able to produce the photographic documentary on Chechen culture and identity.

In 2000 Monteleone became an editorial photographer for the agency Contrasto. Since 2003, Monteleone has lived between Italy and Russia, pursuing long-term personal projects in the border regions of the former Soviet Union. His project “Red Thistle” about the Caucasus won the European Publisher Award in 2011.

Davide Monteleone traveled for the first time to Chechnya as a reporter in 2003. On a further visit in 2007, he saw how much the country had changed through the Russian investments. For his project “Spasibo”, Monteleone spent time from January to April 2013 documenting the life and the people in a country marked by two wars and the autocratic government of President Ramsan Kadyrow. Concealed in the amenities of affluence and a deceptive calm, the reality of profound unsettledness and constrictions in Chechen life are kept secret. During his travels across the country, through the cities and villages, through the mountains and the forests and through his personal contact with many of the local people, Monteleone was able to provide insight into the complex and constricted world that marks the life in Chechnya.

The exhibition presents a selection of black and white photographs of Chechen street scenes, landscapes as well as portraits. The photographs are accompanied by short texts giving background information about the pictured scenes, countryside and its facets. A projection of photographs from the Social-Media-Site “Kadyrow_95”, gives insight into the private interests of the Chechen president.

The accompanying publication to this exhibition, “Davide Monteleone. Spasibo”, published by Kehrer Verlag, edited by Nathalie Gallon, Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award, includes texts by Galia Ackermann and Masha Gessen. It is available in hardcover with 164 pages, 16 pages booklet and 86 illustrations, in English/French for 58 EUR.

This exhibition is a cooperation of Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, Carmignac Foundation and Davide Monteleone. |

The Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award

In 2009, Carmignac Gestion broadened its corporate sponsorship activities to support photojournalism by annually financing an in-depth photo reportage on a topic connected to current affairs. The first awards went to photographers covering the Gaza Strip, Pashtunistan, Zimbabwe, and Chechnya. Iran and France are the subjects for the upcoming awards.

Special Events with Davide Monteleone

Saturday, September 6, 2014, 6 pm
Lecture “From the Soul to Thank You”
The lecture will be held in English.

Saturday/Sunday, September 6/7, 2014, 10 am to 6 pm
Workshop Documentary Photography “Ideas and Practice”
The workshop will be held in English.

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